Tommy J. DeBardeleben

September 2009


September 3rd, 2009: Morgan City Wash and Gilbert Water Ranch

Hey everyone,

Today (actually yesterday) I birded Morgan City Wash and Gilbert Water

I went to Morgan City Wash first, from 5.30 am to about noon, where I saw
42 different species.  This area is located just south of Lake Pleasant,
and is amazing riparian habitat in the middle of the desert.  I had some
good highlights here.  My favorite was a NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH, who came
out into the open and gave me great views!

Other notables-
-6 other Warbler species (Chats, Common Yellowthroat, abundant Wilson's,
Nashville, Yellow, and MacGillivray's
-2 Great Horned Owls (one was perched up on a dead snag 15 feet of the
ground, and I literally got right under the bird, it was VERY tame!)
-Pacific-slope Flycatchers
-Willow Flycatcher
-Western Tanager

I then went to Gilbert Water Ranch from 4 to 7 PM where the main highlight
for me was a CLAY-COLORED SPARROW along the path that goes between ponds 2
and 3.  I failed to get a photo, but the bird had a very gray nape and its
face pattern was distinctive compared to some of the other sparrows. 
Sorry I have no picture to show :(

Other notables among 49 species:
-Wood Stork (still present and feeding with egrets and herons)
-Great Horned Owl
-Warblers: Orange-crowned, Yellow, MacGillivray's, Wilson's

76 Species total between the two locations

Good birding,

Tommy DeBardeleben (Glendale, Arizona)




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