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Links and Resources

Arizona is blessed with A LOT of great birding resources aside from the MANY bird species.


WEBSITES:  Some of the best webpages to learn more about Arizona's diverse birdlife are found below.

Arizona Field Ornithologists (AZFO)-See photos of statewide rarities, listen to bird songs and calls, learn about AZFO Field Trips and Expeditions, and more.  AZFO is all about studying and discovering more about Arizona's birds.

Arizona/New Mexico Birding Listserv-To get daily and hourly updates of what's being seen around Arizona and New Mexico, visit this listserver.  You may subscribe to it and recieve it's messages by email.


ARIZONA BIRDING GUIDES AND TOURS:  Are you seeking help to find that specific target bird or wanting to learn a lot more about birds?  Look into these awesome guides, who do a wonderful job of guiding around the state of Arizona and hire them to make your birding adventures extra special!

Felipe Guerrero's Arizona Birding Tours

Melody Kehls Birding Adventures

Richard Fray's Fun Birding Tours

Lauren Harter and David Vander Pluym at Phainopepla Fables

Laurens Halsey's Desert Harrier Guiding Service

Southwestern Birders

Matt Brown's Patagonia Birding and Butterfly Company

Arizona Birding Guides

Adventure Birding Company



Laurence Butler at Butler's Birds

Lauren Harter and David Vander Pluym at Phainopepla Fables

Gordon Karre at Birding Adventures

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