Tommy J. DeBardeleben

Birding in Maricopa County

By Tommy J. DeBardeleben

Welcome to Birding in Maricopa County, an online guide about birding in an excellent county full of amazing locations and birdlife.  This is the site you want to be at if your new to the county or want directions to a specific area, as well as the birds you are likely to see at the different sites.  Birding in Phoenix and it's general area is covered in this guide, as well as remote areas and locations found outside the Phoenix limits.  This guide will lead you to the spot you want to bird at in Maricopa!

Birding in Maricopa County Menu:

The Diverse Maricopa County  (The idea of Maricopa County's birding, about me, and key birders)

Introduction (Familiarize yourself with Maricopa-trip planning, birds and habitats, hazards, and more..)

How To Use This Guide (Take a few minutes to read this section to understand the layout of each birding location)

Maricopa County Birding Areas and Sites (Maricopa County's birding hotspots, divided by area.  Explore the site to read about the county's diverse birdlife, habitats, and how to access these different areas to make your birding outing in Maricopa County one to remember.)

What Bird Are You After? (Do you have a specific bird you are after?  Do you want to know where in the county you can find this bird at?  Use this section for finding the different birds that inhabit Maricopa County.  It gives a list of suggestions in seconds of listed hotspots in the county for each bird, where to look, and how to find your wanted bird.  Features over 260 regularly occuring birds in Maricopa County, and an additional 30 species that are rare but usually annual in the area.)

The Maricopa County Big Year (A few Big Years that I have done in Maricopa County)

Birding in Maricopa County

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