Tommy J. DeBardeleben

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My Email:

Email me if you are interested in a tour and we can work together to come up with your own tour that will be a lot of fun! 

Tour Information:

I offer private tours on a limited basis.  Due to working full time elsewhere, I'm not able to commit to guiding full time.  With my guided tours, I'm not able to take reservations far in advance, and I only have a small time frame for when I can accept business for full day tours.  The dates for full days are listed on the link I'm giving below, and there is a cut off date mentioned on there also for when I can't accept reservations beyond that date.  Shorter tours can be suggested too, but I can't go beyond the cut off date.  For open dates and information regarding tours, visit this page here for to view what I have available and what my rates are.

Link to Tommy D's Birding Expeditions Private Tours


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