Tommy J. DeBardeleben

Birding in Gila County

By Tommy J. DeBardeleben

Gila County is epic, and it is very underbirded.  This is an online birding guide to find birds and birding locations in Gila County.  This is a project that is underway, stay tuned for many more updates as it progresses in the coming weeks and months.  In the meantime, I thought I would share some of what I've done so far. 

Right now, the guide menu is very simple and has two sections:  Gila County Birding Areas and Birds of Gila County.  In addition to these I'm in works of writing a detailed introduction, and a page on how to use this guide.

*Gila County Birding Areas currently has 13 birding areas available to look over.  In addition to the 13, there are 4 other areas in Gila County that have many locations that can be birded, and as a result I hope to have 17 different birding areas on this guide.  I also plan to have maps created and included as links.

*Birds of Gila County:  Right now, this is simply a checklist of the names of birds that have occurred in Gila County or have been reported in Gila County.  The list is currently at 379 species.  My goal for this section of the guide is to give detailed accounts for species status on the birds that include habitat, time of year they can be seen, etc.


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