Tommy J. DeBardeleben

May 2009


May 4th, 2009: Tres Rios Wetlands

Hey Everybody,

I birded at Tres Rios from 2 to 5 this afternoon.  As hot as it was, I
still managed 41 bird species.  Highlights includued:

one LEAST BITTERN (this location is very reliable for them!)

Note:  When I was watching for a Western Tanager for a few minutes on the
trail that goes through very thick vegetation and trees (below the ponds),
I came very close to a BOBCAT.  I was standing silently for a few minutes
waiting for birds, and I looked below me and this Bobcat appeared out of
nowhere.  He did not see me and was coming for the trail and if I didn't
back away in time, I would've surprised him.  Once I backed away, he never
looked at me, but turned around and walked back.  I doubt he would've done
anything to challenge me, but Bobcats have been known to attack and carry
rabies quite a bit.  I just want to give anyone a heads up who birdwatches
here just to be careful, cause a lot of Bobcats are in this area.



May 16th, 2009: Gilbert Water Ranch Little Blue Heron

Hey everyone,

I went to Gilbert Water Ranch yesterday afternoon and I was able to find
the Little Blue Heron still present in pond 1, who walked in a pattern
back and forth while feeding continuously.  He was feeding with other
Herons and Egrets.  I watched him and filmed from 3 to 4, in which the
heat was terrible, but I sat under a big tree along the water line where
the heron was closeby, and the tree offered good shade.  The heron at one
time walked literally 15 feet away from me.  He even walked about 200 feet
out in the middle of pond 1 to join a White faced Ibis who was feeding as
well.  By sitting still, most of the other herons and egrets didn't see,
to mind my presence either and came very close, and it was fun to watch

Here is the link to my video of the Little Blue Heron on youtube, and it
has a high quality button at the bottom right corner of the video screen
if you wish to view in high quality.

Good birding,

Tommy DeBardeleben (Glendale, Arizona)



May 18th, 2009:  Baseline and Meridian Wildlife Area and Tres Rios Wetlands

Hey everyone,

I went to the Baseline and Meridian Wildlife Area today (115th and Gila
River) and Tres Rios Wetlands.  God really blessed me with some awesome

B&M Wildlife Area-

A calling Clapper Rail right out in the open.  Not what I expected, but it
was exciting!  Unfortunetely, I was far away from it on a tall bank that
overlooked the river, but because of the birds large size, it still comes
out ok.  Here is the video link below, and you can hear the bird calling
as well.

Clapper Rail:

Other notables at B&M:

Here is a video with clips from my footage with both Owl species on:

LESSER NIGHTHAWKS in good numbers

Tres Rios:


Good Birding,

Tommy DeBardeleben (Glendale, Arizona



May 31st, 2009: Hassayampa Gray Hawk

Hey guys,

Sorry for the late post, but yesterday morning I went out to Hassaympa
River Preserve in hopes of seeing a Gray Hawk.  I heard them calling alot
by Lykes lookout, and I caught sight of a juvenille.  I saw him from
above, where white coverts where very visible on the uppertail.  I had a
few other glimpes of them flying low through the cottonwoods but not great
looks.  They are worth going out there for though!

Good birding,
Tommy DeBardeleben (Glendale, Arizona)

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