Tommy J. DeBardeleben

June 2009


June 5th, 2009:  A strange Phainopepla

Hey guys,

Sorry for the late post, but yesterday morning I went out to Hassaympa
River Preserve in hopes of seeing a Gray Hawk.  I heard them calling alot
by Lykes lookout, and I caught sight of a juvenille.  I saw him from
above, where white coverts where very visible on the uppertail.  I had a
few other glimpes of them flying low through the cottonwoods but not great
looks.  They are worth going out there for though!

Good birding,
Tommy DeBardeleben (Glendale, Arizona)



June 15th, 2009: Tres Rios Wetlands

Hey everyone,

I had a very good morning of birding at Tres Rios Wetlands.

Before Tres Rios, I stopped at Baseline and Meridian Wildlife Area from 5
to 6 before Tres Rios opened, where I saw many LESSER NIGHTHAWKS, a LEAST

At Tres Rios, I birded from 6 to 10, where I recorded 47 different
species, which was way better than I expected!  And its all the way in
June.  I looked for the Broad-billed Hummingbird I saw on friday, but I
didn't have any luck with it.  But among the 47 species, highlights were:

-CRISSAL THRASHER-a new lifer for me (Melanie you were right about me
getting one sooner or later!)

Other than birds, I got great looks at a BOBCAT, a family of MUSKRATS, and
I came close to stepping on a WESTERN DIAMONDBACK RATTLESNAKE, thank
goodness I saw it on time.  Be careful out there!

Good birding,
Tommy DeBardeleben (Glendale, Arizona)



June 20th, 2009: Hassayampa River Preserve

Hey everyone,

I birded Hassayampa today, and had a total of 36 species, with highlights
being the GRAY HAWKS, and a LEAST BITTERN.

And I have a few videos to share:

GRAY HAWK-not the best video on earth, but you can hear the bird calling. 
This was at Hassayampa River Preserve, from Lyke's Lookout.  He perched on
a cliff (not today, but last week when I was here also) which surprised
me.  Today I heard them and saw them briefly.

HARRIS'S HAWK-along Grand (US 60) on my way home today

BELL'S VIREO-had fun filming today at Hassayampa

And also, for fun I'll throw in this BOBCAT that I saw at Tres Rios
Wetlands on Monday.  Its not a bird, but still very cool!

Good birding and bobcat watching,

Tommy DeBardeleben (Glendale, Arizona)



June 21st, 2009: Tres Rios Wetlands

Hey everyone,

I birded Tres Rios Wetlands this morning and once again had a good variety
of 47 different species.  Two of them were incredible views of a LEAST
BITTERN and an OSPREY, which I got great film footage of.  There are links
below to the videos.  Enjoy!

Least Bittern-



and a pack of 3 COYOTES

Good Birding,
Tommy DeBardeleben (Glendale, Arizona)




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