Tommy J. DeBardeleben

How to Use This Guide

This section will be short and will describe how to use this guide to Birding in Greenlee County.  It will mainly describe how to use the birding areas.


Birding Areas:

There are 5 birding areas described on this guide.  The following text below will describe and how each birding area is used.  Each birding area has the same general format.


-There will be an introductory paragraph at the start of each birding area to give the birder a feel to the area.

-Birds and habitat you may see in the ______Area:  This will be a write-up on the general birds you are likely to encounter and the habitats you will bird in in a given area.  Most of the birds mentioned are what's expected during breeding season. 

-Area Elevation:  This states the elevations you are birding in in the area.

-Base point for directions:  Every area will have a base point from where most birding locations can be accessed from with directions.  Some birding areas will have a second base point to give better understandings for distances to places and a location might be easier accessed from the secondary base point.  An example of the primary base point we can use is the town of Duncan in Area 1, the Duncan and Franklin Area.  Every location within that area can be found with ease by using the town of Duncan as the base point for directions.

-Area Logistics:  Coming soon.  I hope to add this function soon as this project goes on, but it will hopefully contain information on hotels, restaurants, campgrounds, and more in each area.

-Area Maps:  Each area will have a separate page for maps of birding locations.  There will be a link to that maps page before and after the decriptions for the birding locations in each area.  The pages of maps will be Google Earth Maps of which I do not own.  Illustrations will be shown to assist birders on the maps of each birding area, and special details will be illustrated on maps of locations that need more visual explanation than others.

-Birding Locations:  This is the main part of each birding area, the birding locations.  There will be a list of birding locations, with each birding location having a written description of the spot, the habitat, directions of how to get there, birding suggestions, and of course the birds one may expect.  Some birding locations are hotspots on, and if there is an eBird hotspot for that location, a link will be provided below the location text to view the hotspot and it's data on eBird.  As mentioned previously, for visual overviews on birding locations, there will be a link to a separate maps page for each birding area.

-Area Maps:  Once again, another link to the maps page for each birding area at the end of the write up for the birding locations.


Birds of Greenlee County List: 

This is a list of what I compiled of what I was able to find that was recorded in Greenlee County.  Sources I used are cited.  Information on using the bird list is found on that page.


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