Tommy J. DeBardeleben

The Big Year-Maricopa County Edition

The Big Year has become a popular pursuit among birders throughout North America.  Most famous are birders who do an ABA Big Year, a quest to see as many birds as possible in one calendar year.  Sandy Komito holds that record for North America, which is 745 species.  Mark Obmascik's popular book "The Big Year" goes in depth of Komito's journey and gives the reader a feel to what a big year is like.  Outside of expensive North American Big Years, a number of birders have done big years on a state level or in their own home county.  County Big Years are very rewarding, and I have taken interest in doing Maricopa County Big Years.  In the midst of it all, my Big Years were every bit as intense and exciting as an ABA Big Year (in my opinion of course...I'm sure most would disagree!), as I hustled around the diverse Maricopa County to see as many birds as possible in a calendar year.  Read about my adventures here...



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