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   Birding in Maricopa County
      The Diverse Maricopa County
      How To Use This Guide
      Maricopa County Birding Areas and Sites
         Area 1-Highway 87 from Desert to the High Country
            Four Peaks Wilderness
            Four Peaks Wildnerness Maps
            Forest Road 422/Pine Mountain Area
            Forest Road 422/Pine Mountain Area Maps
            Mesquite Wash
            Location Map
            Sycamore Creek at Mile 212-213
            Sycamore Creek at Mile Marker 212-213 Maps
            Sunflower (Old Beeline Highway)
            Sunflower (Old Beeline Highway) Bird List
            Location Maps
            Bushnell Tanks
            Bushnell Tanks Maps
            Mount Ord
            Location Maps
            Slate Creek Divide Area
            Slate Creek Divide Maps
            Forest Road 25 and Area
            Forest Road 25 Area Maps
            Highway 87 Map Overview
            Area A Species List
         Area 2-Lower Salt River Recreation Area
            Hawes Trail System
            Hawes Trail System Maps
            Granite Reef Recreation Site
            Location Maps
            Phon D. Sutton Recreation Site
            Phon D. Sutton Maps
            Coon Bluff Recreation Site
            Coon Bluff Recreation Site Map
            Goldfield Recreation Site
            Goldfield Recreation Site Map
            "Foxtail/Sheeps Crossing stretch" Recreation Site
            "Foxtail/Sheeps Crossing stretch" Maps
            Blue Point Recreation Site
            Blue Point Recreation Site Map
            Pebble Beach Recreation Site
            Pebble Beach Recreation Site Maps
            Water Users Recreation Site
            Water Users Recreation Site Map
            Saguaro Lake Recreation Site
            Saguaro Lake Recreation Site Map
            Butcher Jones Recreation Site
            Butcher Jones Recreation Site Map
            Lower Salt River Recreation Area Map
            Area B Species List
         Area 3-Apache Trail
            Canyon Lake
            Canyon Lake Maps
            Tortilla Flat
            Tortilla Flat Maps
            Fish Creek
            Fish Creek Maps
            Apache Lake
            Apache Lake Maps
            Salt River between Apache Lake and Roosevelt Dam
            Salt River between Apache Lake and Roosevelt Dam Maps
            Apache Trail Locations Map
         Area 4-Gilbert, Chandler, and Mesa
            Kokopelli Golf Club Ponds
            Kokopelli Golf Club Ponds Maps
            Neely Water Ranch
            Neely Water Ranch Maps
            Gilbert Water Ranch
            Gilbert Water Ranch Map
            Power and Guadalupe Road Pond
            Power and Guadalupe Road Pond maps
            Red Mountain Park
            Red Mountain Park Maps
            Higley Road Ponds
            Higley Road Ponds Map
            Veterans Oasis Park
            Veterans Oasis Park Map
            Gilbert and Chandler Heights Roads Ponds
            Gilbert and Chandler Heights Roads Ponds Maps
            Sun Lakes Community
            Sun Lakes Community Maps
            Riggs and Price Roads Ponds
            Riggs and Price Roads Ponds Maps
            Area C Species List
            Gilbert, Chandler, and Mesa Location Overview Map
         Area 5-South Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe
            Encanto Park
            Encanto Park Maps
            Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area
            Rio Salado Maps
            South Mountain Park
            South Mountain Park Maps
            Kawanis Park
            Kawanis Park Maps
            ASU Research Park
            ASU Research Park Maps
            Tempe Town Marketplace (marsh overlook at east end of Tempe Town Lake)
            Tempe Town Marketplace Map
            Tempe Town Lake
            Tempe Town Lake Maps
            Indian Bend Wash Habitat Project
            Indian Bend Wash Habitat Maps
            Vista del Camino Park
            Vista del Camino Park Maps
            El Dorado Park
            El Dorado Park Maps
            Indian School Park
            Indian School Park Maps
            Desert Botanical Gardens
            Desert Botanical Garden Maps
            Papago Park
            Papago Park Maps
            Phoenix Zoo
            Phoenix Zoo Maps
            Northsight Park
            Northsight Park Maps
            Salt River Bed and Alma School Rd.
            Salt River Bed and Alma School Rd. Maps
            Chaparral Park
            Chaparral Park Maps
            Hayden Nature Park
            Hayden Nature Park Maps
            McCormick Ranch Area
            McCormick Ranch Area Maps
         Area 6-Peoria, Glendale, and North Phoenix
            Skunk Creek
            Skunk Creek Maps
            Thunderbird Conservation Park
            Thunderbird Conservation Park Maps
            Thunderbird Viewing Blinds Park
            Thunderbird Viewing Blinds Park Map
            Phoenix Mountains Preserve (North Side)
            Phoenix Mountains Preserve Maps
            Phoenix Mountains-Squaw Peak Park
            Squaw Peak Park Maps
         Area 7-Southwest Phoenix
            Glendale Recharge Ponds
            Glendale Recharge Ponds Map
            Agua Fria Riverbed
            Agua Fria Riverbed Map
            Crystal Gardens Parkway
            Crystal Gardens Parkway Map
            Tolleson Wastewater Treatment Plant
            Tolleson Wastewater Treatment Plant Maps
            Tres Rios Overbank Wetlands
            Tres Rios Overbank Wetlands Maps
            Tres Rios Wetlands-Hayfield Site
            Tres Rios Maps
            Baseline and Meridian Wildlife Area
            Baseline and Meridian Wildlife Area Maps
            El Rio Research Area
            El Rio Research Area Maps
            Estrella Mountain Regional Park
            Estrella Mountain Lake Parks
            Estrella Mountain Lake Parks Maps
            M-C 85
            M-C 85 Maps
            Broadway and Jackrabbit Road Pond
            Broadway and Jackrabbit Road Pond Map
            Broadway and Airport Road Pond
            Broadway and Airport Road Pond Map
            Area Species List
         Area 8-Arlington to Gila Bend
            Robbins Butte Wildlife Area
            Robbins Butte Wildlife Area Maps
            The "Thrasher" Spot at Baseline Road/Salome Highway
            The "Thrasher" Spot Maps
            Hazen Road
            Hazen Road Map
            Old U.S. Highway 80
            Old U.S. 80 Maps
            Lower River Road Ponds
            Lower River Road Ponds Map
            Arlington Wildlife Area
            Arlington Wildlife Area Map
            Gillespie Dam
            Gillespie Dam Map
            Gila Bend Wastewater Treatment Plant
            Gila Bend Wastewater Treatment Plant Map
            Gila Bend Sewage Ponds
            Gila Bend Sewage Ponds Map
            Paloma Ranch
            Paloma Ranch Maps
            Painted Rock Dam Road/Painted Rock Reservoir
            Painted Rock Dam Road/Painted Rock Reservoir Maps
            Area Species List
         Area 9-West Maricopa
            Lakeside Pavilion at Sun City Grand
            Lakeside Pavilion Maps
            White Tank Mountain Regional Park
            White Tank Mountain Regional Park Maps
         Area 10-Northwest Maricopa
            Morgan City Wash
            Morgan City Wash Maps
            Lake Pleasant Regional Park
            Lake Pleasant Regional Park Maps
            Castle Hot Springs Road
            Castle Hot Springs Road Maps
            U.S. 60 Roadstop
            U.S. 60 Roadstop Map
            Hassayampa River Preserve
            Hassayampa River Preserve Map
            The Wickenburg KFC/Car Dealership Overlook
            The Wickenburg KFC/Car Dealership Overlook Map
            Jack Burden Road
            Jack Burden Road Maps
            Area Species List
         Area 11-Cave Creek
            Seven Springs Recreation Area
            Seven Springs Recreation Area Map
            Seven Springs Wash
            Seven Springs Wash maps
            Mount Humboldt
            Mount Humboldt Maps
            Lower Camp Creek
            Lower Camp Creek Maps
            Rackensack Canyon
            Rackensack Canyon Maps
            Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area
            Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area Maps
            Jewel of the Creek Preserve
            Jewel of the Creek Preserve Maps
            Area Species List
            Cave Creek Location Map
         Area 12-Lower Verde River
            Box Bar Recreation Site
            Box Bar Recreation Site Maps
            Needle Rock Recreation Site
            Needle Rock Recreation Site Maps
            Bartlett Lake Recreation Area
            Bartlett Lake Recreation Area Maps
            Horseshoe Lake Recreation Area
            Horseshoe Lake Recreation Area Maps
            Verde River Area List
            Lower Verde River Location Overview
         Area 13-Fountain Hills
            Teal and Tioga Riparian Drainage
            Teal and Tioga Riparian Drainage Maps
            Fountain Hills Lake
            Fountain Hills Lake Maps
            Fountain Hills Storm Drainage
            Fountain Hills Storm Drainage Maps
            Fountain Hills Desert Botanical Garden
            Fountain Hills Desert Botanical Garden Maps
            Fountain Hills Bird List
         Other Maricopa County Birding Areas
            New River Nature Reserve
            New River Nature Reserve Maps
         Maricopa County Areas Map
      What Bird Are You After?
         Ducks, Geese, and Swans
         New World Quail
         Loons, Grebes, Cormorants, and Pelicans
         Bitterns, Herons, and Ibises
         Vultures, Hawks, Eagles, and Falcons
         Rails, Coots, Gallinules, and Cranes
         Gulls and Terns
         Pigeons, Doves, Parrots, and Cuckoos
         Owls and Nightjars
         Swifts and Hummingbirds
         Kingfishers and Woodpeckers
         Tyrant Flycatchers
         Shrikes and Vireos
         Jays, Crows, and Ravens
         Larks and Swallows
         Chickadees, Titmice, Verdin, and Bushtit
         Nuthatches and Creepers
         Wrens and Gnatcatchers
         Kinglets and Thrushes
         Mockingbirds and Thrashers
         Pipits, Starling, Waxwings, and Silky-Flycatchers
         Towhees, Sparrows, and Longspurs
         Tanagers, Cardinals, Grosbeaks, and Buntings
         Icterids-Blackbirds, Meadowlarks, and Orioles
         Finches and Old World Sparrows
      The Maricopa County Big Year
         Maricopa County 2011 Year List
         Summary 2010
      Where Do You Want To Bird?
         The Top 10 Birding Hotspots in Maricopa County
         Locations by ratings
            5-Top Notch Birding Locations
            4-Productive in Most Visits
            3-Seasonally a Great Location
            2-Worth a stop if you are in the area
            1-Worth a stop if only during small time frames
         Birding by Habitat
            Juniper (also Pinyon)
            Transition Zone-Pine/Oak Forest
   Birding in Gila County
      Gila County Birding Areas
         Highway 87 (from Mt. Ord to Payson Town Limit)
         Payson to Strawberry
         Upper East Verde River, Whispering Pines, Washington Park
         Pine and Strawberry Area
         Highway 260 (East of Payson to Mogollon Rim)
         Canyon Creek to Young
         Upper Sierra Ancha Mountains
         Highway 188-Jakes Corner to Tonto Basin
         Roosevelt Lake Recreation Area
         Highway 188-Other Birding Locations
         Pinal Mountains
         Highway 60/77-North of Globe to Canyon Day
         San Carlos Apache Reservation
         Highway 77-Winkelman to Globe limits
      Birds of Gila County
   Birding in Greenlee County
      All About Greenlee County
      Getting to Greenlee County
      How To Use This Guide
      Greenlee County Birding Areas
         Duncan and Franklin Area
            Duncan and Franklin Area Maps
         Highway 78 and Big Lue Mountains
            Highway 78 and Big Lue Mountains Maps
         Clifton and Morenci Area
            Clifton and Morenci Area Maps
         Coronado Trail Area (Highway 191)
            Coronado Trail Area (Highway 191) Maps
         White Mountains Area
            White Mountains Area Maps
      Birds of Greenlee County
   Birding in Arizona's White Mountains
      White Mountain Birding Areas
         Sunrise Area
            Sunrise Area Birding Hotspot Overview Map
            Sunrise Lake
            Sunrise Campground
            Sunrise Ski Area
         Lee Valley Recreation Area
            Lee Valley Recreation Area Birding Hotspot Overview Map
            West Baldy Trail No. 94
            Sheep Crossing
            Lee Valley Reservoir
            East Baldy Trail No. 95
         Big Lake Recreation Area
            Big Lake Recreation Area Overview Map
            Basin Lake
            Crescent Lake
            Big Lake Recreation Area
         Greens Peak Area
            Greens Peak Area Maps
            Greens Peak
            Carnero Lake
         Greer Recreation Area
            Birds of Greer, Arizona
            Greer Birding Hotspot Overview Map
            Benny and Rosey Creeks
            Greer Lakes
            Little Colorado River (1st/North Crossing)
            Greer-County Road 1126
            North County Road 1126
            East Fork Road and East Fork of the Little Colorado River
            Butler Canyon Nature Trail
            Osborne Road and West Fork Trail No. 94
            West Fork of the Little Colorado River
         Highway 260-East of Highway 373 to Eagar
            Highway 260-East of Highway 373 to Eagar Overview
            South Fork of the Little Colorado River
            White Mountain Grasslands Wildlife Area
         Highway 180/191 (North of Springerville)
            Highway 180/191 (North of Springerville) Area Map
            Wenima Wildlife Area
            Lyman Lake State Park
         Springerville and Eagar
            Becker Lake Wildlife Area-River Walk Trail
            Becker Lake Wildlife Area
         Highway 180/191 (Sipe WA to Forest Road 56)
            Highway 180/191 (Sipe to FR 56) Overview Map
            Sipe White Mountain Wildlife Area
            Nelson Reservoir
            Nutrioso Reservoir
            Escudilla Mountain and Terry Flat Loop (Forest Road 56)
         Alpine Area
            North Blue River Road
            Luna Lake
         Big Year Summary
      Colorado Adventures 2012
         Day 1
         Day 2
         Day 3
         Day 4
         Day 5
         Day 6
         Day 7
         Day 8
         Day 9
         Days 10 & 11
      Feathered Greats
         Miracle in the Mountains
         June 2010
      The Best of the Year
         The Best of 2011
      Pinal Mountains
      Tommy's Owls of the United States/Canada
         The Story of TOBY
            Ch 1: The Great Owls of The Far North
   Contact and Tours
   Mexican Gray Wolves
   About Me
   Links and Resources
      The Story of TOBY
         Chapter 1-The Great Owls of the Far North
      Site Map

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