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Maricopa County Areas Map

This map shows the different areas in Maricopa County, highlighted in different colors.  Refer to the area's number for it's place on the map. 


Area 1:  Highway 87-From Desert to High County (includes Sunflower, Mesquite Wash, Mount Ord, Slate Creek Divide)

Area 2:  Lower Salt River Recreation Area (10 recreation sites in one area)

Area 3:  Apache Trail (One of America's most scenic routes, great birding at Fish Creek)

Area 4:  Gilbert, Chandler, and Mesa (Home of Gilbert Water Ranch)

Area 5:  South Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe (includes Rio Salado Habitat Area, South Mountain, Tempe Town Lake, Rousseau Sod Farms)

Area 6:  Peoria, Glendale, and North Phoenix

Area 7:  Southwest Phoenix (home of the Glendale Recharge Ponds and Tres Rios Wetlands)

Area 8:  Arlington to Gila Bend (Includes Arlington Wildlife Area and the Thrasher Spot)

Area 9:  West Maricopa (Home of the White Tanks Mountains)

Area 10:  Northwest Maricopa (Includes Hassayampa River Preserve and Morgan City Wash)

Area 11:  Cave Creek (Includes Seven Springs Recreation Area and Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area)

Area 12:  Lower Verde River (Bartlett and Horseshoe Lakes, Box Bar and Needle Rock Recreation Sites)

Area 13:  Fountain Hills (Includes Fountain Hills Lake, the world's highest fountain)

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