Tommy J. DeBardeleben

Gila County Birding Areas

This section has a current total of thirteen birding areas.  Because Gila County is under-birded, each birding area will be added to in the future, some areas much more than others.

In addition to what is here, there are four more birding areas that I hope will be added in the future when I can bird them more. 

There are about 140 birding locations described in these 13 birding areas.  A birding location can be described as it's own place or it can be a place good enough that would warrant creating a new list for it and moving on to the next location for a new list of birds seen per site.  Location names that have links on them in dark blue, or if there are dark blue links anywhere in the text, it will take you to the eBird hotspot for whatever location, trail, road, etc.


Gila County Birding Areas:

1. Highway 87 (from Mt. Ord to Payson Town Limit)

2. Payson to Strawberry

3. Upper East Verde River, Whispering Pines, Washington Park

4. Highway 260 (East of Payson to Mogollon Rim)

5. Canyon Creek to Young

6. Upper Sierra Ancha Mountains

7. Highway 188-Jakes Corner to Tonto Basin

8. Roosevelt Lake Recreation Area

9. Highway 188-Other Birding Locations

10. Pinal Mountains

11. Highway 60/77-North of Globe to Canyon Day

12. San Carlos Apache Reservation

13. Highway 77-Winkelman to Globe limits

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