Tommy J. DeBardeleben

Colorado Adventures-Day 1

My family and I left on August 9th for 11 days to Colorado.  It was a long drive to Durango, about nine hours.  Plans were to stay in Durango for the first two nights and then Telluride for the remainder of the trip.  It was my first time to bird in a state for more than a day anywhere outside of Arizona, and I was pumped up for the opportunity!


A fun stop along the way was at the Four Corners.  It was awesome being in four different states at once.



Dad and Talia


The Four Flags


And last!


An American Kestrel was my first bird in Colorado for the start of our vacation.  We pulled into Durango later in the night and headed for the nearby Vallecito Lake, which was where we planned to stay for our first two nights....


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