Tommy J. DeBardeleben

White Mountain Birding Areas

Sunrise Area (Come and bird at Sunrise Lake, Sunrise Campground, and Sunrise Ski Area..)

Lee Valley Recreation Area (Mount Baldy Wilderness, Lee Valley Reservoir, and more..)

Big Lake Recreation Area (Explore Big Lake, Crescent Lake, and Basin Lake..)

Greens Peak Area (An area known for Dusky Grouse with great forest and high grassland habitats..)

Greer Recreation Area (Includes Benny Creek, Butler Canyon Nature Trail, and many other birding locations within Greer..)

Highway 260-East of Highway 373 to Eagar (Includes two of the White Mountain's most interesting birding areas, South Fork and Grasslands Wildlife Area..)

Highway 180/191 (North of Springerville) (Explore Lyman Lake State Park, Wenima Wildlife Area, and more..)

Springerville and Eagar (Bird and explore close to town at places like the Becker Lake Wildlife Area..)

Highway 180/191 (Sipe WA to Forest Road 56) (Home to Sipe Mountain Wildlife Area, Nelson Reservoir, Escudilla Mountain, and more..)

Alpine Area (Bird the fantasic Luna Lake as well as the northern reaches of Blue River Road..)

more coming soon.....

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