Tommy J. DeBardeleben

Area 4-Gilbert, Chandler, and Mesa

This area is home to Maricopa County's most popular birding location, Gilbert Water Ranch.  The Gilbert Water Ranch is an amazing birding location in every season and has hosted a variety of different birds every year, including a handful of amazing rarities.  Besides Gilbert Water Ranch in the Gilbert, Chandler, and Mesa area, there are other big parks and ranches throughout the area that hold good birding opportunities.  Several sets of ponds also add to the variety of different birding locations.

Birding Locations:

Kokopelli Golf Club Ponds

Neely Water Ranch (eBird)

Gilbert Water Ranch (eBird)

Power and Guadalupe Road Pond (eBird)

Red Mountain Park (eBird)

Higley Road Ponds (eBird)

Veterans Oasis Park (eBird)

Gilbert and Chandler Heights Roads Ponds (eBird)

Sun Lakes Community

Riggs and Price Roads Ponds


Gilbert, Chandler, and Mesa Locations Map:

Gilbert, Chandler, and Mesa Location Overview Map


Area Species List:

Area C Species List


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