Tommy J. DeBardeleben

Area 5-South Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe

This area is a highly productive "urban birding" area.  The locations in South Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe mostly consist of birding within the big city.  An amazing diversity of different parks, lakes, and farms make up this area which attracts a high amount of bird species annually.  This area is home to South Mountain Park, which is the largest city park in the United States.  The Rio Salado Restoration Area can also be found here, which provides birding opportunities along the Salt River just south of downtown Phoenix.  Another key spot is the combination of the Phoenix Zoo, Papago Park, and Desert Botanical Garden, which brings in thousands of visitors on an annual basis, but is also a key birding location.  Tempe Town Lake is excellent for migrating and wintering waterbirds.  Despite the crowded city, this area has great birding despite the noise levels.

Birding Locations:

Encanto Park (eBird)

Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area (eBird)

South Mountain Park (eBird)

Kawanis Park (eBird)

ASU Research Park (eBird)

Tempe Town Marketplace (marsh overlook at east end of Tempe Town Lake) (eBird)

Tempe Town Lake (eBird)

Indian Bend Wash Habitat Project

Vista del Camino Park (eBird)

El Dorado Park (eBird)

Indian School Park (eBird)

Desert Botanical Gardens (eBird)

Papago Park (eBird)

Phoenix Zoo (eBird)

Northsight Park (eBird)

Salt River Bed and Alma School Rd.

Chaparral Park (eBird)

Hayden Nature Park 

McCormick Ranch Area (eBird)


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